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Off the cuff fic for [ profile] wicked_sassy and inspired by the Kara and Helo comic.

Kara studied the print in the red dust before idly scuffing it over. Then sighed when the debris puffed up to cover the iridescent material of her boot. Typical.

Looking up, she shielded her eyes a second to clear the grit from out of her lashes, and then brought the goggles around to look deeper into the distance. The land undulated in massive rolls of sand and rock. The compacted sediment suggested this miserable moon might once have held water.

(She sighed.)

If it had, then there was no sign of it now. The indigenous sun beat down upon the baked deadness to no avail, except to create disconcerting shadows which appeared totally black from the piercing harshness above.

She clicked the dial on the goggles in temper. Her vision focused instantly on the communications tower. It looked harmless enough, but then so did a rock with a viper asleep beneath it.

Gravel crunched behind her. It made her curse again as the shadow of her dogged and somewhat disapproving companion climbed up beside hers to dwarf her own shape.

"How far?"

She dropped the goggles to rest on her chest before answering. "Half a day. Maybe." Her lips cracked and bled. She was desperate for a drink, but their rations were short.


"That was my assessment. Glad we're on the same page there, big guy."

She slipped the injured man a brief glance accompanied by a sly grin. She could still feel the roughness of his unshaven jaw on her skin from the night before.

“Wow. Someone’s bitchy in the morning,” he retorted.

She scowled, then smiled brighter than the sun. "Count on it, frakker." Then marched off.

If he followed, it was up to him, she thought.

Two seconds later, his yelps of pain from his bad leg assured her that he did.

She grinned.

She was starting to like this guy.
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