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Oct. 17th, 2012 09:09 am

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[personal profile] rirenec
I've been dreadfully bad about this just recently - and there are still some fics lingering out there... 

Freedom of Choice, T+ (A Six. Warning for dark themes.)

It's painless. He said so. Much more so than the blasts.

Ignore the music. Ignore the music.

It's a glass of wine. You like wine. When we're back with them, you can share that. You can share everything... Think about that. Think about the welcome and the love. Think about being held tenderly instead of covered in sweat and...

Just drink it. This is the best option.

Okay, a sip. Cool, dry... Clinging to the back of the throat... Beautiful.

Ignore the cooing downstairs.

No pain.

Another sip. Just calm down. This is God's will. His love is waiting.

One at a time isn't enough. You need to take more. The whole box.

More wine.

Please stop laughing and talking. Pease stop playing IT music.

Calm down. It will stop. In an hour...two... it will stop.

Three. They taste bitter and the wine... You love it. You will be loved again.

Stop it! "Stop singing to it! STOP FRAKKING SINGING TO IT!"

No more music. It's stopped. So has the singing. But the baby, the baby. And her face - those eyes. A mother's eyes. I see them.

The whole box hurts. So bitter. More wine.

It hurts.

The crying.

The music starts up again.

Just lie down...



Maybe if I'd...

Crying... Crying...


Kaleidoscope, T. (Caprica.)

Colours. They were the first thing that I really noticed. In the stream, everything is super exposed, like the light I've come to know at sunset: orange, red... Reds so vibrant, I feel like I could drown in them. Like they clothe my skin in the colour I often wear on my lips to attract him. When he kisses me, everything blurs, who I am, what I'm doing. What if anything, it all means? There's a pattern here, my brother Twos would say, but in his arms... In his arms... It keeps shifting.

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