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Title: Know It to Be True
Rating: M
Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Setting: Maelstrom. Dreams are more than what they appear to be.
Warnings: dubcon (dream). Very shippy.
Words: 572

Written for the [ profile] bsg_epics pentathlon.

Author Note: This was inspired by a theory about cylon spines glowing.

It looms large and overpowering. It haunts you, it draws you in. You feel it seep into your skin as it did as a child and you know it seeks you as much as you seek it - whatever it is. But you know, don’t you, Kara? You know that it is fear and death. You know that that is your calling card to exit this place and go looking for the voice that yells and the cadenzza that’s playing in the next room; the pain and pleasure beyond the glass.

You know it.

And it has to go.

So you wipe it out in anger as you created it in such. You edit out every last brush stroke and stab. Work your fingers in again to undo the motions, up and down, the velocity drawing you to move fast, switch and turn. Until you can’t.

For he’s here: his foot steps towards you the quiet before the crescendo. His hands, pregnant, longing, wilful... all over you.

Then he whispers... tells you, you can’t escape your destiny.

And gods, how despite it, you want him. How you crave the energy and feel as the first throes slam through you - breasts, belly and womb; hard and fast, like his body. He pins you, and you kiss him back, before falling together, his mouth trailing down your throat, across your skin, burning hot like crossfire.

Pressed so close, silently, you whisper him a sweet surrender. Demand he do the same. You adore his beauty, his willingness to serve; his willing ignorance of your lack of innocence and his want to take away your darkness and make it his own. To make you see it only in him, and no longer you. It’s why you are here. You love him.

And he hears... inside, whispered through halls and water, he hears.

He rears up.

But he wants to hear it said; binding you with words as well as body and soul. And he wants to hear it now, here, in this place, in this world. And because it’s true, you tell him.

“I love you.”

Decent. Want. It comes back.

You miss his spine glowing in being swallowed by his faith.


I see the love that binds all living things together.

I do love you, Kara Thrace.

It wasn't a total loss, we were able to salvage certain things. Certain medical samples. Like your ovary.

Kacey, this is Kara. Your mother.

You know that she's yours, you just won't admit it.

I love you.

I’ll never forget this moment.


You see it differently now. It’s no longer fear and death. It’s love and life, changing and reassuring - the creation of all things possible.

It gives you peace.

And at the end of what was, you see him. He’s sitting near the edge of the desert, watching people traverse the perils of sand; witnessing like you do, the cycle of life and death.

"I didn’t lie to you. She was, is, ours.”

His spine had grown red, a band between blue and yellow, and you know it to be true.

"And when you truly love someone, you give them their dreams."

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