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Drabbles from battleship at [ profile] 13th_tribe (Go and play! X)


She was a Tauron. She was a girl. She had brown hair. She had a tattoo in the shape of a flower. She played Pyramid, but preferred running. She liked lemonade but not lemons. She often stole her mother's perfume and her father's cigarettes and then used her brother's pencils to darken the edges of her eyes.

She knew other things too, personal things. The feel of a boy's kiss, the smell of another girl's hair.

She was more than Tauron, she was more than a girl.

And yet she was nothing but a ghost with only a name.



Once there was a lonely Raptor, who never knew it. An odd thing. A ship that witnessed cosmic wonders on a journey through stars. It jumped, moving faster than light, slid between atoms and shifted so fast it touched other dimensions... and yet, it never knew.

On day, it was in battle. And the beings who operated it were deleted. It was left to drift all alone, functionless.

Yet the battle where it was lost had another survivor. A metal thing that moved on legs. It bumped against the Raptor. It came inside, and instead of pushing buttons, it spoke.


Disabused of illusion, mistaken in her belief, there's only hate. Hate and anger and vengeance. Powerlessness.

The fondness she'd felt, a temporal thing, which blossomed and then died.

And understanding?

The semblance is part of the illusion. Trajectory's not crossed, but locked in and fired upon. Hours of torture and talking, meaningless... meaningless.

For his smile doesn't translate into what she feels. It is something else. And this is torture of another kind.

Broken fingers.

Broken plates.

Suffocated in full air, she watches him go out the airlock night after night.

He's smiling. She hates him. He's smiling.

It's hate.
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