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I have been spoilt, for not only has [ profile] 13th_tribe produced so many wonderful fics due to [ profile] deborah_judge modding, but separate from this, I also must personally brandish about the two below for how wonderful the authors have been in writing them.

Last week [ profile] deborah_judge wrote the most amazing remix of my fic Morning.  All I can say is just read Deborah's version, because it's frankly beautiful.  Lyrical and touching and sensual.  Everytime I read it, my stomach drops and I feel all teary.  I treasure it for its beauty.  It's Kara/Leoben, set post series and is rated R.   Morning (The View From Heaven)

Added to this, today I woke to find a fic from [ profile] hearts_blood from a prompt for Leoben, and Avon and Cally (Blake's 7).  It's astounding.  Even if you have no clue about Blake's 7, I suggest you read it.  It's so, so perfect.  I've read it twice now and as of yet failed to find the words to express how much I love it (Avon and Cally being my first OTP ever.)  [ profile] hearts_blood seems a sucker for fic prompting punishment, so much so, I wish I'd have shoved Kara in the prompt too!  :)  This is also rated R, and set s1 of B7.  Prisms, Pendulums and Chronographs

I'll add that so many good fics have come out this week, that I wish I had more time to read them asap.  However, I will get around to the others.

In closing, I love the world and I love fandom and I love you people within it.
rirenec: (Empty Child)
Title: I Remain (from prompt 'Afloat')
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: T
Character: Avon
Setting: S3 – Rumours of Death
Words: 400 ish (sorry!)

Read more... )
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Title: Regret
Rating: T
Characters / plot: Cally on Avon at her end.
Words: 650

The support beams rock and give )
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