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On TV, Nigella (Lawson) is cooking delightful things (some of which I can actually eat as they're veggi.) I have some nummy treats by my side and a glass of lemonade (too many nights out for anything else... yuck), and my presents waiting to be wrapped... and then, THEN I have paints and stamps glaring at me needing to be used first.  Why, oh why, was my thing for this year to MAKE wrapping paper?  The gold and red star stamps look good but the red snowflakes look like cruddy wax seals!  Star, blob, star.  It's going to look rubbish, sigh.  I think I'll stick to cards and spiced biscuits next year.

On the subject of food, does anyone have any tried and tested good nut roast recipes?  Or vegetarian main meal, alternatives?  I'm looking for something nice (not that I'm cooking Christmas day; other half is) but I need something for Boxing Day to serve after chestnut mushroom risotto.

Lastly, have a wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas or winter period everyone!

Hope you all enjoy!  I am donating money to cancer research instead of buying cards this year so these pictures are mine to you all.

1. Post your Holiday wishlist to your LJ. Items can be fannish or not, small or extravagant. Have fun!
2. Look around your flist and grant any wishes you can to OTHERS. This includes sending actual gifts if you want!
3. Re-post your wishlist two weeks before the holiday as a reminder.

Okay, as people can possibly tell from the amount of posts from me, I have been house bound for the last three days (I've never known a cold like this!  It's not flu, because I'm not aching too much, but my head is horridly fully of crap!  I sound like some kind of android).  So, apologies.  (It makes me wish I hadn't jacked in Twitter for being able to talk random rubbish when there's no one in RL to do it to).

I don't actually have a lot of requests, but here they are (mainly recs):

List )

To anyone I have promised pictures, I will get them done.  I've just been pushed for time and also screwed with this cold so it's hard (now I have time) to sit at the desktop with Photoshop on.

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