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Aug. 25th, 2012 10:19 pm


Title: Untitled
Rating: T
Fandom: Prometheus
Pairing: David8/ Elizabeth Shaw
Summary: In cannon. 
Length: Mini ficlet (Sigh, I don't know when it was I lost the ability to write long fic, but it appears I have.)
A/N: This does not in anyway reflect my opinions on abortion, far from it.

David saw the life within her on the screen. The life that shouldn't be there but was because he had made it happen. Through the science of humanity's creators, he, a creation of humanity, had kindled life where there was none. He had given Doctor Shaw, Elizabeth, a child. A gift to the woman who sought her parents, and beyond her parents, when she could not pass her own life on.

He placed his hand over the screen. Green shining through his fingers, bathing them both in its unnatural glow. Through the shape of his hand, the foetus grew. It wasn't human. Not entirely. And at the rate it was growing, it might hurt its mother. He should kill it, but, how could he? This joined them. Proved they were alike. He couldn't risk hurt to her, and yet, also not to it. Hadn't he once been a strange thing in a tube which others had sought to kill? Hadn't he almost been prevented from being... born? Stopped from standing here at this moment, in this place... From giving his creators the opportunity to know what they had sought since their dawning? That, only through him, now had the chance? To understand their purpose. Their meaning? Without him, they would still be on Earth... Millions of light years away from enlightenment.

He made a gesture of contemplation. And the machine beneath his hand registered her increased heart rate as it struggled to feed the extra life within. He had to get her into a cryo chamber. He had to attend to his father. He didn't dither about either. He wasn't made for it. Instead, he injected her, and set the process in place to wake her. He wanted to be the one to tell her. Anything else would follow in order. Chaos was something humans created, not him. He was made to ease the chaos of humans. Ease their worries and problems.

Beside him, she stirred. 
Aug. 19th, 2012 03:58 pm


Fanfic: Untitled 
Fandom: Prometheus
Rating: UK 15 with warnings for overtones of dub-con.
Pairing: Elizabeth/ David
Setting: Post cannon

A/N: this needs way more work before I AO3 it, but do you think it works? I think it's a bit rambling as Leoben speak took over... naughty robots. Please say if it is pants :) 

Away, he paused, looking at her as intently as she'd once studied his features in the promotional adverts for the new David 8. )

Title: Feel
Fandom: Prometheus
Rating: M (For sex)
Warning: Mind rape - as in cannon.
Pairing: David/Elizabeth
Words: 750 approx

David presses his hand over the glass. He doesn’t pant or sweat. His liquid does not boil. But he can touch. )
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