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rirenec: (Kara Piano)

Title: In Your Philosophy 
Rating: T/PG13
Characters: Kara, Laura, Leoben
Fandom: BSG
Warnings: Religious content and a bit of violence
Setting: New Caprica arc
Words: 3,270 approx
Summary: They have things to discuss.
Beta: The wonderful [ profile] hobbit_kate - thank you sweetie! You made this shine! You're wonderful.  And [ profile] deborah_judge too for encouragement.  (Any errors left are totally mine.)

My mind often gets caught up with what I see, and when I’m in both of your presences, it makes it clear to me how our histories have shaped all of us... and what we will become...” )
Title: Darkness
Characters: Zarek/Meier
Rating: T/M ish [For sensory deprivation punishment/imprisonment]
Prompt by: the lovely [ profile] hobbit_kate
Words: about 300

He knew all about what something so simple could do to the mind. )

Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Rating: T
Words: 690
Warnings: References to child abuse and neglect.

A/N: Sorry for these coming out in drips and drabs. I hope they're still interesting and that the format works? (Also hope no one minds that I did post this in the end; it will be the last until after remix.)   

Read more... )

Title: Prelude to a Scream (drabble to go with yesterday's fic).
Rating: R (guess what for? ;)
Pairing: Kara/Lee (hints of Kara/Kat)
Word count: 310

Lee took another shot, then another. )

A/N - Lee was wrong, he did have something to apologise for \o/

rirenec: (Kara and Lee)
Prompted by [ profile] astreamofstars for Kara/Lee Quorum sash at Epics.
Rated M (but it's so mild, it's not even cheddar)
Words: 232

A/N - AU, Lee is Vice President but no cloud dive for Kara.

Kara grins as he presses her up against the wall. )
[Second attempt at posting - it kept messing up this morning]

Another day, another drabble. This one comes from a discussion with [ profile] deborah_judge yesterday about Leoben and Kara.
Title: From Cradle to the Vein 
Summary: Leoben 1st person POV - NC
Rating: T - with warnings for dark themes.
Words: 370 approx.

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