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Title: Identity Out of Pain
Pairing: Laura/Lee
Rating: M
Warnings: Drug use
Setting: New Caprica
Prompt: By the lovely [ profile] newnumbertwo: ‘Chamalla Withdrawal’
Words: 560
/1 Like any of the ficlets I write, I MAY come back to this. (Damn my attention span.)
/2 Part of this written originally for[ profile] laura_lee_bsg and then expanded to be part of the [ profile] bsg_epics pentathlon for author’s choice.  

Laura sinks down into the bath... )

Title: Behind the Curtain is the Veil
Pairing: Laura/Bill
Rating: T
Setting: Unspecified episode, near the end of the series
Word count: 2000
Beta reader(s): With all my hugs to the brilliant [ profile] wicked_sassy – I cannot thank you enough honey. Also to [ profile] newnumbertwo for her A/R shippery support – thank you! Any errors left within this are totally mine.

Written for the [ profile] bsg_epics pentathlon.  

It was a soft swing. )
rirenec: (Kara Piano)

Title: In Your Philosophy 
Rating: T/PG13
Characters: Kara, Laura, Leoben
Fandom: BSG
Warnings: Religious content and a bit of violence
Setting: New Caprica arc
Words: 3,270 approx
Summary: They have things to discuss.
Beta: The wonderful [ profile] hobbit_kate - thank you sweetie! You made this shine! You're wonderful.  And [ profile] deborah_judge too for encouragement.  (Any errors left are totally mine.)

My mind often gets caught up with what I see, and when I’m in both of your presences, it makes it clear to me how our histories have shaped all of us... and what we will become...” )
Title: Sahana
Rating: M
Fandom: BSG
Pairing: Kara/Laura, with mentions of Kara/Sam, Kara/Lee, Laura/Bill
Setting: An AU cannonish tale of love, fight and fate.
Words: 3000 approx
Notes: Not beta read. It's also not the greatest thing I've ever written, to say the least. Oh, well. 

The first time they met properly, it’d been forty eight hours after five endless days. )

Title: Pages and Leaves
Rating: NC17 (for sex)
Pairing: Laura/Sam
Setting: AU, written for the Epics Charity Drive prompt: 'Laura is a professor at university and Sam is her student who is hot for teacher. Minimal plot is okay as long as there's sex, preferably desk sex.'  This is that in a nutshell.
Word count: 3,100 approx.

The leaves of autumn drifted down... )

Title: Falling 
Prompt: Laura/Lee - 'Fall'
Setting: New Caprica - AU
Rating: T
Words: 2,200

Laura still wasn't quite used to not having someone need her night and day... )

For the Laura/Lee squee that’s running, a continuation of Tuesday's ficlet *wink*
Rating: UK15 (for smutty thoughts)
Words: 730

Read more... )

A/N - I may write more of this cheeky little number as I quite enjoyed it, hee.
Title: Head Space - "Bitch Took My Ride."
Setting: Scattered - Kara on Helo post "Bitch took my ride."
Rating: T
Words: 765
Prompt by [ profile] mserrada

My hand drops and I twist around to face him... )

Title: Head Space - Airlock.
Setting: Flesh and Bone - Leoben at the airlock
Rating: T
Words: 638 (Yep, as per usual, I've been tweaking and it's gone up since yesterday, lol)
Prompt by [ profile] astreamofstars

My words linger in her delicate ear... )

Title: Letters
Prompt: By [ profile] plaid_slytherin - Laura ships Bill/Saul
Words: 560

Laura ran her hand over the firm wooden desk... )

Prompt: By [ profile] deborah_judge Kara/Leoben and for something happy.
Words: 406

Mesmerised, she stood at the edge of the world )

Song Prompt:

You loom so deep and wide
I would cross over
If you would stem the tide

Words: 148
Pairing: Kara/Leoben

It runs all around me... )

Repost from my own journal for [ profile] mserrada
Prompt: Kara after she leaves sickbay after accidentally shooting Lee.

Kara pushed past the other officers )
rirenec: (Laura Sympathy)
Title: Dreams
Prompt: Leoben/Laura - New Caprican Apartment on the stairs, Kara looks on (possible dubcon, but not really - this is prettier than you might expect).
Rating: M
Words: 484

She's spread over the bottom of the stairs... )

Title: Brig
Prompt: Kara/Lee, rough sex, Alpha!Lee (and again, it's more shippy than you might expect)
Rating: M
Words: 1000 ish

She's still drunk this morning. Drunk and vile. )

Title/prompt: For Want of Coffee, Kara/Lee, stealth cuddling
Rating: T
Words: 250

"You're exhausted Lee." )

Title: Window
Pairing: Kara/Leoben 
Rating: M

Pressed up against the window... )
Title: Understanding
Rating: PG
Characters: Laura / Ellen  [Comfort / Friendship]
Words: 400 approx  Read more... )
The first of a couple quick fics prompted the titles for made up stories in BSG_epics on Tues.
Title: An Hour to Kill [title suggested by [ profile] astreamofstars ]
Set: during S1: ‘33’
Rating: R – For a bit of mild flesh
Pairing: Laura / Bill
Plot: They share a dream
Words: 2200

Colonial One )

[A/N  Laura's cancer is mentioned in here because (and I can't imagine what it must even be like) I felt it would certainly have an impact on how she'd react in a situation like this.  I do hope that it does not come across as insensitve as I tried to be as considerate as possible when writing it.
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