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Title: Identity Out of Pain
Pairing: Laura/Lee
Rating: M
Warnings: Drug use
Setting: New Caprica
Prompt: By the lovely [ profile] newnumbertwo: ‘Chamalla Withdrawal’
Words: 560
/1 Like any of the ficlets I write, I MAY come back to this. (Damn my attention span.)
/2 Part of this written originally for[ profile] laura_lee_bsg and then expanded to be part of the [ profile] bsg_epics pentathlon for author’s choice.  

Laura sinks down into the bath... )
rirenec: (Kara and Lee)

Title: Preservation
Rating: T
Pairing: Kara/Lee
Summary: A look at their relationship. (Note: the dialogue at the beginning isn't cannon.)
Words: 950 approx
Beta: With all my thanks to the lovely [ profile] newnumbertwo (Sorry to everyone who read my brain-is-dead, pre teaking and newnumbertwo's wonderful magic version.)

Written for the [ profile] bsg_epics Pentathlon.

"Why do you always frak it up?" he yells. She smacks him in the mouth as hard as she can. He punches her right back with just as much feeling. Then they drink and almost frak. It's how it works. The opposite relies on too much from each of them. )

Title: Marked Cards
Rating: T / PG13
Character(s): Lee, Joseph with mentions of Zak, Samuel and Bill.
Pairing(s): N/A
Summary: Fourteen year old Lee is struggling with his identity.
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 3,900
Beta Thanks: the wonderful [ profile] wicked_sassy – this fic wouldn’t have been even half as readable without her tending and nurturing it. Thank you, hon. 
Author's Notes: This heavily references Tauron culture in Caprica. Original posting of this fic can be found at Lee Adama Daily, here.

His self-destruction went on unremarked, tolerated, hidden, whereas others were actively discouraged. )
rirenec: (Comet)
First Time, M (for sex) Six/Two, Six/Gaius, Two/Anon 

Read more... )

Shock, T, Centurion and Sam

Read more... )

Burn pt I, Kara/Lee, M (Warning, dark - from Kendra's POV)

Read more... )

rirenec: (Kara and Lee)
For [ profile] wicked_sassy's wish for: 'a ficlet about Kara and Lee when they've grown old. They can be together or apart, and it would be fun to see it from Lee's POV.'
Rating: T
Words: 800

Read more... )

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Ficlet reposts--this done while the phone interrupts Being Human. (Some people have like NO consideration.)

Seeking Life, R (ritual sex). )

Fight, R (BDSM). )

Getting Caught, R )
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Inspired by [ profile] the_applecart :)

Title: Calm Before the Storm
Pairing: Kara/Lee 
Setting: AU, pre Mini Series
Word count: 4,250
Rating: UK 15

Lee adjusted the shouldering of his pack... )

Word count: 13,500 (so far)
Characters: Lee/Leoben/Kara (and Sam).
Rating: NC17

Chapter Five )

Word count: 11,000 ish (so far)
Characters: Lee/Leoben/Kara (and Sam).
Rating: NC17

Chapter Four )

Word count: 8000 (so far)
Rating: NC 17

Chapter Three )


Link back to Chapter Two  

Words count: 5000 (so far)
Rating: NC 17 

Chapter Two

Lee awoke to the rare sensation of feeling almost comfortable. )
Link back to Chapter One
Link to Chapter Three

A/N - Plottier chapter to come tomorrow.  Sorry this one's so wordy with very peevish, sick!Lee.  
PS, gosh, you ladies have no idea how much all your comments meant to me off the first chapter of this. Thank you.   

Title: Prelude to a Scream (drabble to go with yesterday's fic).
Rating: R (guess what for? ;)
Pairing: Kara/Lee (hints of Kara/Kat)
Word count: 310

Lee took another shot, then another. )

A/N - Lee was wrong, he did have something to apologise for \o/


Title: Vernal Equinox
Setting: Post Cannon
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to BSG 2003, its characters or settings.  This is a non-profit making fan work.
Characters: Kara/Lee/Leoben (with mentions of Sam.)
Information: Inspired by four prompts: one, by [ profile] kag523 (a couple of months ago) to write Kara with her boys and make it happy.  Two, [ profile] deborah_judge for a Kara/Leoben post cannon, (in cannon) fix-it.  Three, by [ profile] sci_fi_shipper for a Lee/Leoben/Kara marriage (though I am not sure I can manage this one completely).  And, four, [ profile] embolalia, for Lee dealing with the idea that Kara might love Leoben.  Fragile Lee centric.
Rating: NC17
Word count: 2380 + (WIP)

Chapter One )
Link to Chapter Two
Title: Rain
Pairing: Kara/Lee fluffishness.
Setting: Kobol (for applecart.)
Rated: T
Words: 1000 as it stands.

Read more... )
Title: Falling 
Prompt: Laura/Lee - 'Fall'
Setting: New Caprica - AU
Rating: T
Words: 2,200

Laura still wasn't quite used to not having someone need her night and day... )

Both rating: M (very mild)

Character: Kara/Anon
Haiku, prompt: Tattoo

Tongue traces the ink,
achingly mirroring lines
marked in pain now fire.

And ficlet:

Pairing: Kara/Lee
Ficlet, prompt: Knee

It was shaking agitation as she sat there... )
Title: Cherry Tree
Pairing: Kara/Lee (prompted by applecart)
Rating: T
Setting: Pre-series
Words: 2,300

Six months ago she had helped Zak bury a dog he'd run over with his car. )

rirenec: (Kara and Lee)
Prompted by [ profile] astreamofstars for Kara/Lee Quorum sash at Epics.
Rated M (but it's so mild, it's not even cheddar)
Words: 232

A/N - AU, Lee is Vice President but no cloud dive for Kara.

Kara grins as he presses her up against the wall. )
Ficlet: Amuse
Rating: T 
Summary: AU Kara/Lee - the fall never happens and they make it work - no angst.
Words: 405

He shrugs an arm around her shoulders without even thinking. )


A/N - yep, I am procrastinating, sigh.  

Rambling... )
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