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[ profile] bsg_epics comment fic

Prompt by [ profile] baliao, Snow White and the Seven Leobens

A/N: A much better version than my quick!fic posted at epics earlier

M. Fairytale AU. Kara and Leoben. )
Title: Know It to Be True
Rating: M
Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Setting: Maelstrom. Dreams are more than what they appear to be.
Warnings: dubcon (dream). Very shippy.
Words: 572

Written for the [ profile] bsg_epics pentathlon.

Author Note: This was inspired by a theory about cylon spines glowing.

And he hears... inside, whispered through halls and water, he hears. )

For [ profile] hearts_blood
Kara/Leoben/Sam and kid. Post cannon, AU. T

Read more... )


For [ profile] flybynight00
Flesh and Bone, T

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rirenec: (Kara Piano)

Title: In Your Philosophy 
Rating: T/PG13
Characters: Kara, Laura, Leoben
Fandom: BSG
Warnings: Religious content and a bit of violence
Setting: New Caprica arc
Words: 3,270 approx
Summary: They have things to discuss.
Beta: The wonderful [ profile] hobbit_kate - thank you sweetie! You made this shine! You're wonderful.  And [ profile] deborah_judge too for encouragement.  (Any errors left are totally mine.)

My mind often gets caught up with what I see, and when I’m in both of your presences, it makes it clear to me how our histories have shaped all of us... and what we will become...” )
As I seem unable to finish any fics this week, I figured I'd make a pretty this afternoon. 


Rise and shine

Title: How Things Tick
Characters/pairings: Kara, Cain, hints of Cain/Gina, Kara/Leoben (gen fic)
Rating: T/M ish [Warnings for cannon themes]
Setting: Pegasus arc
Words: 1,500
Prompt by: the lovely [ profile] astreamofstars about Leoben being aboard Pegasus. Thank you for the idea, honey. It really spurned something. (And possibly will more fics, too.)
Beta: the most wonderful, gracious and amazing [ profile] embolalia

“I’ve not had much experience beyond these two, however something I’ve come to notice, especially with the female, is that they’re very adaptable. Very attuned to human emotions.” )

[ profile] eagerness_83 has made the most wonderful Kara/Leoben picture. Her work is always stunning but this of course blew my mind. (Honey, I can't thank you enough for sharing such pretty! Is there anything I can do back for you? A fic or anything?)

I've fixed the typos and missed words, but that's it. They remain as they were born :)
All the fics! )


If there's any one of these which you think should be extended (hahahahahahaha,) let me know! 

I've written two fics on the same theme!  Here's the short one!  The longer one needs caffeine (or I do) before I post it.

Drabble )
You dear ones are so unbelievably amazing. (Especially those of you who don't even usually write Leoben.) You made my night yesterday evening with your fics and my day this morning to find a few more. You are all truly wonderful! 

Kara and Leoben fics written yesterday (in no order):

[ profile] hearts_blood posted a section of her WIP, but it's friend's locked. If you're on her flist go and have a look as it's super good.

On Being a Two by [ profile] in_the_blue

Aftermath by [ profile] embolalia

Fallen or Flown by [ profile] mserrada

Untitled ficlet by[ profile] lostinapapercup

[ profile] deborah_judge also wrote a challenging but brilliant fic. It is locked due to content, so check her fic list to read.

They are fantastic and I wholeheartedly recommend them all!
Title: Dreams in Cycle
Remix of: [ profile] deborah_judge’s Her Broken Hands
Characters: Kara, Leoben, Caprica
Setting: 4.5
Rating: PG13
Words: 1,907
Beta: With all my thanks to [ profile] embolalia

Fic here
A/N: I'm working through my ficlet prompts from last week.

This one was from deborah_judge: Leoben remembering being Zoe and thinking of Kara as Lacy.  It's almost part of my Don't Speak AU.
Kara/Leoben,  T
Read more... )

ETA: sunshine_queen's prompt for Kara/Kendra and 'match.'

Read more... )

This was going to be longer, but I'm claiming injury and the token bravery of still going into work even with my mangled face.
Hope you all still enjoy it anyway. (Apologies for any errors or naff bits.)

Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Rating: M - for torture.  
Words: 1,340

The original prompt was them married at the time of The Fall, which I wrote a ficlet to some weeks back (I'll link it later) and then Deborah requested to see the F&B scene after.  This is that.

to feel like she had at the first of the horrifying reports )
It's Monday and it's a glorious spring day... K/LC quick Morning (pointless/silly) porn anyone? (This fic is more like Deborah's version, so full references to her work with regards to Kara as a water/regenerative goddess rather than my bit 'o' projection water smut.)
Rated: M
Setting: Earth 2
Words: 640

And now edited to not have any typos (humm) or awkward bits (double humm.)

Water, that in the pink of twilight begins to blast down. )

Thank you for the prompts.  I am not sure if these all quite fit them/are any good, but they really helped in releasing my head from being stuck with other things last night.

Prompt by [ profile] letterstonorah

Kara and Kendra fakking on Caprica, T. (Apologies, I wrote the prelude but no actual sex... yet.) )


Prompt by [ profile] plaid_slytherin

Saul reconciling to his Colonial faith after discovering he's a cylon, T. )


Prompt by[ profile] in_the_blue

Leoben meeting Kara as a little girl, T. (I made them both small children.) )


Prompt by [ profile] hearts_blood
(I made this My Sam Lied AU for the hell of it.)

Sam controlling Leoben's dreams. T. )

Title: Story
Characters: Leoben, Kacey & Kara (gen)
Rating: T (higher edge)
Dollshouse warning.A/N: From [ profile] hearts_blood's prompt.  
A/N 2: Now I've read this back, I'm not sure it works/makes sense--I also somehow doubt that Leoben would read this story?  Oh, well :)  
Words: 630 

Read more... )

Prompt by [ profile] sunshine_queen
Grace, T (Ellen and Six/Caprica)

Read more... )

Prompt by [ profile] astreamofstars
Loneliness, T (Ellen and Dee)

Read more... )

Prompt by [ profile] wishflsinfl
Common Ground, T (Ellen and Laura)

Read more... )

Prompt by [ profile] lls_mutant
More Than Words, T (Gaeta and Ellen)

Read more... )

Pairing: Kara/Leoben
Rating: T
Words: 690
Warnings: References to child abuse and neglect.

A/N: Sorry for these coming out in drips and drabs. I hope they're still interesting and that the format works? (Also hope no one minds that I did post this in the end; it will be the last until after remix.)   

Read more... )
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