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Aug. 20th, 2013 09:21 pm

Night sky

Just took this. Gorgeous moon. Minus the colour, it almost looks like a bromoil.

I made this last night at about 1am:

Kara-Leoben 5 smaller

If I get more time, I may do a second row.


The lovely [ profile] mermaidfangs challenged me to make this at [ profile] bsg_epics



Here's one of my banners. (I'm not claiming the other as it was awful.)

Graphic for [ profile] plaid_slytherin  - hope it's okay honey? *hugs*  (Hee, giving Saul hair caused me no end of problems. I also hope you don't mind I used the young Bill from Razor.)

The Mission copy

And bonus a pic, just beacause. 

Saul Tigh copy

The adventures of Battlestar Cat-lactica!

317_cap175 copy

[ profile] word_vomity  is responsible for this. She predicted I was thinking of spacecats, so I made one!
 (Influences also from [ profile] wicked_sassy and [ profile] letterstonorah - as always - when kitties are involved.)

Love you all. <3's
As I seem unable to finish any fics this week, I figured I'd make a pretty this afternoon. 


Rise and shine

To anyone who didn't get any love yesterday and wants some now, just add your sweetness to yesterday's comments and I'll squee about you as soon as I can. Know that it's never too late to have a hug and some squee from me :)

ETA: I will shower all who venture forth with love tomorrow. 

[ profile] eagerness_83 has made the most wonderful Kara/Leoben picture. Her work is always stunning but this of course blew my mind. (Honey, I can't thank you enough for sharing such pretty! Is there anything I can do back for you? A fic or anything?)

I've been trying to do some icons, and have succeeded in some, but failed in others, however I just loved this as an image, so I thought I'd share.

(Friggin' LJ just screwed with my entry as I was playing with it... argh, sorry!)
These are those I promised a few weeks ago.  Apologies for my over use of the luminosity tool - I just can't help making things all ethereal.  Anyone who wants a caption adding (I was going to, but I thought I'd check first), the image tweaking, or something different, let me know :D  (They were all done in a bit of a rush today, so if there are any funky bits, just sing out.)

For [ profile] mserrada

Kara )

For [ profile] korenap

(I will get around to your Cottle/Bill/Laura one).

Erin & Gina )

For [ profile] deborah_judge
[This is intended to be cropped into an icon - if you want it as a wallpaper, I can cut out the ship over her shoulder.]

Kara & Leoben )

For [ profile] plaid_slytherin:

Saul )

Copyright declaration - I do not own the copyright to any of these images.  The usage of them is for non commercial purposes and creative learning.  No infringement was intended in these fanmade artworks.


PS - in testing, LJ does not seem to be letting me double click on the image to get a larger version.  If the issue persists tomorrow, it's possibly something I've done, so I'll repost.  In the meantime, these then become testers for those who asked and as a sample for anyone who would like something similar (in any fandom they'd like).
Hugs, R.
I have spent the last two hours making this wallpaper!  (Yay! That I have photoshop and not GIMP (again the smirk) at home - although I am used to a much better version than this crappy one.  However, free-down-loaders cannot be choosy).

(PS, feel free to pinch this and/or the icon from it.)

Oh so much pretty on one page *sigh* 

And with this, I am opening up my useless talents for anyone to make requests for pics.

Copyright declaration - I do not own the copyright to these images.  The usage of them is for non commercial purposes and creative learning.  No infringement was intended in this fanmade artwork.  

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