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rirenec: (Empty Child)
Title: Voyage
Rating: PG
Setting: 4.5 (maybe slightly AU.)
Pairing: Kara/Lee - repost for [ profile] the_applecart

Lee picked up the little figurine... )
On TV, Nigella (Lawson) is cooking delightful things (some of which I can actually eat as they're veggi.) I have some nummy treats by my side and a glass of lemonade (too many nights out for anything else... yuck), and my presents waiting to be wrapped... and then, THEN I have paints and stamps glaring at me needing to be used first.  Why, oh why, was my thing for this year to MAKE wrapping paper?  The gold and red star stamps look good but the red snowflakes look like cruddy wax seals!  Star, blob, star.  It's going to look rubbish, sigh.  I think I'll stick to cards and spiced biscuits next year.

On the subject of food, does anyone have any tried and tested good nut roast recipes?  Or vegetarian main meal, alternatives?  I'm looking for something nice (not that I'm cooking Christmas day; other half is) but I need something for Boxing Day to serve after chestnut mushroom risotto.

Lastly, have a wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas or winter period everyone!
Not sure if this is right, but [ profile] korenap asked why I'd been so quiet this last two weeks... when I have been posting fic and general nonsense, which now I'm not sure has been updated to others?  I had a future post to myself with some links and this shifted my journal 'out of date order' and maybe this messed up updates?  If this isn't the case, then I'm sorry for a the few posts I've made this evening.  If this is the case then *waves* I AM ALIVE - ish, due to my achy cold thing.

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