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Jul. 30th, 2012 06:37 am

Story rec

[ profile] in_the_blue wrote me THIS!  It's Leobens talking to Leobens, Leobens being philisophical, Leobens being Leoben. *All the yay!* So much awesome. (Thank you, Petal.)

(HEE!  I just re-read through this... how many errors in my typing *sheepish*)

I asked for some author's own fic recommendations yesterday, and I am so wonderfully glad that I did. I was provided with the keys to treasures.  Thank you to every one of you who dropped me a link.  You are all stunning writers, just frankly astounding.    

I now feel compelled to pass on these recommendations on.   (These run downs are my responses to the fics only.)

Fear and Freedom  This is [ profile] embolalia's latest fic, and with anything of hers, I recommend it; even if you're not a Kara fan because E has the most brilliant style which is nothing in comparison to how great the ideas behind her fics are, or her ability to describe Kara and her motivations and experiences.  Kara is a child in this fic and it's an exploration of her realtionship with her mother, other people (on the perephery of that), but also religion, early cylons and how this and they all shape her.
(I believe that E wrote this story in a day - wow - some people have too much talent!)

The Conqueror Worm by [ profile] geekbynight is darkly compelling.  It's Felix, Dorral and Sweet Eight, and to me, it strikes of the cylon underdeveloped way of seeing and viewing humans but being emotionally unable at the time of The Fall and New Caprica to engage with them fully.  Of wanting the 'be' with the humans after having punished them for (insert personal headcannon reason) but doing this in the wrong way.  I am fascinated by this fic tremendously and it's one that needs several readings, for the motivations for why people/cylons do what they do is brilliantly explored.  Not only that, but it's fantastically written. (To add, I've read a few pieces now by geekbynight, and her way of writing Felix captures me completely.) 

Under the Table is by [ profile] sci_fi_shipper, and it is FRAUGHT.  It looks beyond that moment of pure, tunnel vision need for one another that Lee and Kara have in that breathless moment in Kara's apartment (DB); and takes the heat of this needful encounter on while Kara is still in her relationship with Zak.  It shows Lee's battle with how he feels about Kara, an urge with is so haunting and desperate, but one which plagues him with guilt up against the love for his brother.  All I can say is read it.  (Again, sci_fi_shipper is another writer with too much talent.  Her ability to reveal Lee's introspection is a marvel.)

The Very Top Secret Diary of Billy Keikeya  - this is hilarious.  [ profile] pocochina's Billy, Laura and Lee crack fic where they're a bunch of stoned almost teens, governed by the thought that Laura is the hybrid promised to Gaius and Six, literally had me in bits.  It's so funny and brilliantly told.  I defy anyone to not be cheered by this. (Thank you, thank you for this rec, P!)

And, the last  one I read is this.  And oh goodness, what a beautiful fic to wait for:
He Kindly Stopped for Me Is a Kara/Lee version of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone, by [ profile] rachelindeed.  It retells the myth with an altered purpose for her time spent with him and it so perfectly works in Kara's battle with her mother, and how as Persephone, she is able to find a resultion to this for a time, but one which is also a sacrifce.  I really cannot reccomend this story enough to everyone.  rachelindeed's writing style is poetry and like a dream to read. (I did give this the longest review and so I feel I must explain that it was because I adore the myth so much and also I read rachel's last, so I had more time to comment.  This is not a reflection on the other fics, because really every one of these is fantastic. I am riding high on such awesome fic.)  

Oh, and as a final parting, this: Maybe, was a wish LR/LA gift fic for me by [ profile] charmed8620.  It's another I cannot rec enough.  It's so, so lovely and Lee is just adorable in it while Laura is astounding as she listens to him.  Please go read it, as I loved it.

(PS, I will add that I'm still after more - I'm not in the writing mood today. Again, I promise to comment on any you provide.  They can be any ship or rating.  I'm kinda after ones in the less that 5000 word ballpark - give or take - as I feel that I take these in better.  Also, I am after variety today ;)


dulce et decorum est by [ profile] pocochina shows Lee being worn down and then manipulated by the direness and the regime of Cain.  It's brilliant and dark.  I seriously rec this one.
[ profile] deborah_judge gave me some kink drabbles to read, so head to kink for her bingo runs - harsh, visceral, question asking and seeking, like all her stories. (Mind controlling whispers from me to go, go, go and read.)
[ profile] rose_griffes handed me some bizarre Gaius taken by Leoben crackfic. XD How kidnap can be amusing, IDK, but it is :D  fic hereIt's also followed by some Athena & Caprica silliness, so read that one too for a smile!
And finally, [ profile] astreamofstars - who does not write enough - and gosh, is her work wonderful - it made me hunger with her A/R and then weep over how Laura remembers those lost. Her smut is a delight, her Laura characterisation harrowing: Everyone Knows and Pass Me The Night
Mar. 31st, 2012 10:13 pm

Rec me

I am feeling all rubbish - everything aches after my idiotic tumble yesterday and so I am going to bed now (after lugging me rear into work today with wibbles).  On that note, tomorrow - day of rest and all that - I would really like some awesome reading; and so, my dear flist, would you give me a link to what you feel is your best mini BSG fic? (drabble to 5000 ish words.)  I promise to read and review everything :)  Thank you folks.  You will make my before-the-fire-with-quilts-and-tea-Sunday if you do.
I have been spoilt, for not only has [ profile] 13th_tribe produced so many wonderful fics due to [ profile] deborah_judge modding, but separate from this, I also must personally brandish about the two below for how wonderful the authors have been in writing them.

Last week [ profile] deborah_judge wrote the most amazing remix of my fic Morning.  All I can say is just read Deborah's version, because it's frankly beautiful.  Lyrical and touching and sensual.  Everytime I read it, my stomach drops and I feel all teary.  I treasure it for its beauty.  It's Kara/Leoben, set post series and is rated R.   Morning (The View From Heaven)

Added to this, today I woke to find a fic from [ profile] hearts_blood from a prompt for Leoben, and Avon and Cally (Blake's 7).  It's astounding.  Even if you have no clue about Blake's 7, I suggest you read it.  It's so, so perfect.  I've read it twice now and as of yet failed to find the words to express how much I love it (Avon and Cally being my first OTP ever.)  [ profile] hearts_blood seems a sucker for fic prompting punishment, so much so, I wish I'd have shoved Kara in the prompt too!  :)  This is also rated R, and set s1 of B7.  Prisms, Pendulums and Chronographs

I'll add that so many good fics have come out this week, that I wish I had more time to read them asap.  However, I will get around to the others.

In closing, I love the world and I love fandom and I love you people within it.
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