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rirenec: (Comet)
First Time, M (for sex) Six/Two, Six/Gaius, Two/Anon 

Read more... )

Shock, T, Centurion and Sam

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Burn pt I, Kara/Lee, M (Warning, dark - from Kendra's POV)

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[ profile] bsg_epics

Prompt by [ profile] astreamofstars - Kara and Leoben meet before the fall and have a one night's stand.

Mirror Connection, Kara/Leoben, T )

Prompt by [ profile] letterstonorah - Kendra, jars catching rain water.

Shatter, Kara/Kendra, T )

Prompt by [ profile] astreamofstars for - Sam, I owe so much to those I don't love.

Moment in the Aftermath )

Prompt by[ profile] lostinapapercup - Helo, wingman.

Wingman, Kara & Helo, T )

Prompt by [ profile] pocochina - Kacey, after the fall  (edited to include ALL of the fic!)

Pretend, Kara, Julia & Kacey, PG )

[ profile] the_applecart

Pompt by [ profile] embolalia for 'porn'—(what the hell happened to my shame, that's what I wanna know!?  It's like LJ ate it over the autumn.)

Centre Fold, Kara/Lee, M )

[ profile] 13th_tribe
Prompt: eights

Difference, T )


Also I wrote some more Valentine's prompts for various couples here.  (K/LC, K/L, B/S)

ETA: [ profile] kag523 kept tapping her fingers, so I wrote a terrible original poem of the prompt for 'Moonstone.'

Moonstone of Time )
Title: Letters
Prompt: By [ profile] plaid_slytherin - Laura ships Bill/Saul
Words: 560

Laura ran her hand over the firm wooden desk... )

Prompt: By [ profile] deborah_judge Kara/Leoben and for something happy.
Words: 406

Mesmerised, she stood at the edge of the world )

Song Prompt:

You loom so deep and wide
I would cross over
If you would stem the tide

Words: 148
Pairing: Kara/Leoben

It runs all around me... )

Repost from my own journal for [ profile] mserrada
Prompt: Kara after she leaves sickbay after accidentally shooting Lee.

Kara pushed past the other officers )
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