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For [ profile] hearts_blood
Kara/Leoben/Sam and kid. Post cannon, AU. T

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For [ profile] flybynight00
Flesh and Bone, T

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Thank you for the prompts.  I am not sure if these all quite fit them/are any good, but they really helped in releasing my head from being stuck with other things last night.

Prompt by [ profile] letterstonorah

Kara and Kendra fakking on Caprica, T. (Apologies, I wrote the prelude but no actual sex... yet.) )


Prompt by [ profile] plaid_slytherin

Saul reconciling to his Colonial faith after discovering he's a cylon, T. )


Prompt by[ profile] in_the_blue

Leoben meeting Kara as a little girl, T. (I made them both small children.) )


Prompt by [ profile] hearts_blood
(I made this My Sam Lied AU for the hell of it.)

Sam controlling Leoben's dreams. T. )

rirenec: (Comet)
First Time, M (for sex) Six/Two, Six/Gaius, Two/Anon 

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Shock, T, Centurion and Sam

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Burn pt I, Kara/Lee, M (Warning, dark - from Kendra's POV)

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Characters: Ellen focused/ Colony fic (not Sam Lied AU, but with similar themes.)
Rating: M (Sort of a T but with some disturbing thoughts about the incestuousness/made for purpose within the Colony... so please avoid if this creeps you out--it creeps me, and I wrote it.)
Words: 680

Ellen kissed the Seven on the face gently. )
Title: Wake To Find Her Gone
Character: Sam first person POV
Rating: T
Setting: New Caprica, the day of the cylons' arrival.
Words: 2,138

A/N: This is a section of an old fic.  I've just left the idea as a prompt at [ profile] 13th_tribe for someone else to come out with some raw emotional angst and it reminded me I had this bit written (cut out from a Kara and Leoben fic) and not posted to LJ.  (It's not great, sort of obvious.)

"Kara? Kara? Galen, is she here?" )

Word count: 13,500 (so far)
Characters: Lee/Leoben/Kara (and Sam).
Rating: NC17

Chapter Five )

Word count: 11,000 ish (so far)
Characters: Lee/Leoben/Kara (and Sam).
Rating: NC17

Chapter Four )

Title: Pages and Leaves
Rating: NC17 (for sex)
Pairing: Laura/Sam
Setting: AU, written for the Epics Charity Drive prompt: 'Laura is a professor at university and Sam is her student who is hot for teacher. Minimal plot is okay as long as there's sex, preferably desk sex.'  This is that in a nutshell.
Word count: 3,100 approx.

The leaves of autumn drifted down... )

Title: Unperceived
Pairing: Kara/Sam
Setting: 4.5, Someone to Watch Over Me
Rating: 15
Words: 600
A/N - There's no plot, I just found it touching.

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Title: What Was Needed
Pairing: Jean/Sam - written for [ profile] rose_griffes  Christmas list.  
Rating: M (but very, very mild - only for references to sex and mild swearing.)
Summary: Caprica, a couple of weeks after the Fall  (This possibly does not fit in with The Plan, but I liked the scenario.)
Word count: 1,700 approx. [not beta'd, so apologies for any errors]

Jean was the one to spot the hut first. )
Prompt: Epics / BSG X V – Original Series
Title: Fight
Pairing: Kara/Sam
Rating: M
Warnings: General dark things.
Words: 1750
::Update:: I have given this an edit - but I am quite in love with this crossover concept and may come back to it in future.  (Please if anyone spots errors, bad sentences, just shout out.)

Title: Fever Dream
Pairing: Kara/Sam
Rating: M - but mild really.
Words: 388
Prompted at BSG_Epics with pairings/prompts from the ship swop.  [And like I mentioned yesterday, I so love Tuesday's because of this.  I wake in the morning, thinking humm, it's Tuesday, and then - OMG it's Inspiration Day... happy happy, furtive ficlet writing, here I come.]  

His eyes are loathed to open from sleep while she's still here with him. )
Title: The Code and the Path
Rating: T
Characters: Kara/Sam with mention of Leoben.
Setting: Season 4, Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Plot: A moment of Kara's thoughts. [Bored!fic and a tad cheesy for the use of lyrics from All Along the Watchtower]
Words: 800 approx.

Dropping her head into her hands she sobbed )
Ficlet: Epics Sam/D'Anna 'friendship' prompt
Rating: T
Words: 445 ish

There they were. )

Two ficlets - together words 1100 approx.

Ficlet I.

Title: Intense Hunger
Pairing: K/Lee – a tad dark and steamy [I say Lee, but I think I’ve channelled Leoben – so choose your ship XD ]
Rating: T
Summary: There is none ;) and I guess it's AU.

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Ficlet II

Title: Sweet Desire
Pairing: Kara / Sam – cute and light
Rating: T
Summary: After their game on Caprica

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A/N - These were supposed to be a hug to myself but boy, the effort involved in posting them has caused all sorts of rage against LJ cuts. They kept going screwy! I think this is about the 7th attempt to get it right.

Phew – gonna head out now. Rise of the Apes and dinner.
Title: Sam Lied.
Rating: M/NC 17
Characters: Kara/Sam, Kara/Leoben
Plot: Aboard the Colony.  Warning - sexual scenes and dark overtones. [Not beta read, so sorry for any errors/bad phrasing.]

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Title: If there'd been the Time...
Rating: K+
Characters: Kara /L/A/LC/BA
Plot: Prompted by something last week on notakebacks. Conversations/scenes that could've happened post the end. (multishippage.)

[A/N – it's a bit rough and ready, mostly as it flowed into my notepad this morning. Sorry for any errors].

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