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Thank you for the prompts.  I am not sure if these all quite fit them/are any good, but they really helped in releasing my head from being stuck with other things last night.

Prompt by [ profile] letterstonorah

Kara and Kendra fakking on Caprica, T. (Apologies, I wrote the prelude but no actual sex... yet.) )


Prompt by [ profile] plaid_slytherin

Saul reconciling to his Colonial faith after discovering he's a cylon, T. )


Prompt by[ profile] in_the_blue

Leoben meeting Kara as a little girl, T. (I made them both small children.) )


Prompt by [ profile] hearts_blood
(I made this My Sam Lied AU for the hell of it.)

Sam controlling Leoben's dreams. T. )

Characters: Ellen focused/ Colony fic (not Sam Lied AU, but with similar themes.)
Rating: M (Sort of a T but with some disturbing thoughts about the incestuousness/made for purpose within the Colony... so please avoid if this creeps you out--it creeps me, and I wrote it.)
Words: 680

Ellen kissed the Seven on the face gently. )
Title: Surprise
Rating: T
Pairing: Bill/Saul (angst)
No actual setting – though sometime after Saul's been reinstated as Captain and when Bill’s a Major and they're both still Viper pilots.  
From a prompt by [ profile] plaid_slytherin for guessing a LR/LA fic was by me [and I'm interested to know what gave it away? ;) ].   
Words: 980 ish

Saul's eyes flickered open and then... )
Title: Letters
Prompt: By [ profile] plaid_slytherin - Laura ships Bill/Saul
Words: 560

Laura ran her hand over the firm wooden desk... )

Prompt: By [ profile] deborah_judge Kara/Leoben and for something happy.
Words: 406

Mesmerised, she stood at the edge of the world )

Song Prompt:

You loom so deep and wide
I would cross over
If you would stem the tide

Words: 148
Pairing: Kara/Leoben

It runs all around me... )

Repost from my own journal for [ profile] mserrada
Prompt: Kara after she leaves sickbay after accidentally shooting Lee.

Kara pushed past the other officers )
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