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Title: How Things Tick
Characters/pairings: Kara, Cain, hints of Cain/Gina, Kara/Leoben (gen fic)
Rating: T/M ish [Warnings for cannon themes]
Setting: Pegasus arc
Words: 1,500
Prompt by: the lovely [ profile] astreamofstars about Leoben being aboard Pegasus. Thank you for the idea, honey. It really spurned something. (And possibly will more fics, too.)
Beta: the most wonderful, gracious and amazing [ profile] embolalia

“I’ve not had much experience beyond these two, however something I’ve come to notice, especially with the female, is that they’re very adaptable. Very attuned to human emotions.” )
Title: Always Lover, Always: Into the Night
Rating: R
Characters: Kara/Leoben/Six
Warnings: Blood and sex and mind fang-frakkage; which is to say dubcon.
Setting: A vampire AU (This is me just playing with the idea for a future AU, but expect NO PLOT and also cheesy phrasing, because hell yes I let all my bad metaphors out! ;)  
Words: 1,800 approx.
A/N: I think I got carried away.  (I am also beginning to wonder when it was I stopped having angst about writing such things?)  Enjoy <3
Link to previous drabble.

In the seconds before she wakes she already knows that she isn't dead. )

Ficlet: Always Lover, Always
Pairing: Kara/Leoben (mentions a Six)
Rated: 15 (language and hints at sex and blood.)
Setting: AU, vampire style - oh yeah (This is one shot to be read on its own, but the idea is for a future WIP, yay!)
Words: 570

The night's cold and she shivers in her jacket. )

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