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Jan. 15th, 2013 11:39 pm


Haven't done this for a while. A song for anguished Kara: 

The tone of Morcheeba at this point; their balance of mood, vocals and the slightly, if not surreal, but blurred edges, are fantastic. 
I am going to do some writing now. I am. This after having spent most of the day talking to you guys... which was so much fun!  I LOVE CHATTING AND LAZY DAYS!  (BTW, my twitter name is the same if anyone wants it; it's only for fandom, so feel free to say anything.)

Right, to writing! (It's been about a week and a half since I've gotten anything down. My inspiration seems to have dried up, which is frustrating.) 

*Pootles off*


ETA: Still not doing any writing. [ profile] in_the_blue has mesmerised me with Trucco smiles... sigh
rirenec: (Comet)
I was looking through some of my old comments for the helpful advice people have given me over the years and in doing so came across this choice number of a review off ffnet from 2010. 

        "I have no idea what the f[edited]k is happening. The writing is truly atrocious - there is very little regard into making the read a user-friendly experience. Dialogue is especially unfollowable and the few things that are clear is marred by a huge gap in context."

*Fake bright smile.* Cretin.  I remember now how this comment almost made me give up at the time.  (I'm just so glad that after a few tears and a massive dip in confidence, I carried on.)  

This is totally pinched off  [ profile] embolalia except she wrote her ficlets, and I still have today's and some from last week, plus a half finished eight one for  [ profile] 13th_tribe.  And, on that note, please, please come and play, eights need your love!!!

Right, and oh how I love doing things like this...

Tell me the thing I should write tomorrow *cough* WIP's, what WIP's? *cough* because none of the below prompts scream drabble to me.

prompts below cut... )

Doing a stock take of WIP's.

Order of events:
1. Vernal Equinox will be done asap. (This a whim & 'Yes, I can make LOTS of prompts into one long fic'- rolls eyes at my muse.)
2. Sam Lied (I can also do this, I so can... I just need to let the fear go of ruining it and just ruddy FINISH IT).
3. Finish Always There (pregnant Kara is not something to be afraid of).
4. Finish massive AU crazy plot Only Birds (going back to New Caprica in our time is going to be fine, R).
5. Tangled Web (I am capable of writing a political fic, and a platonic friendship fic for Laura/Lee - I am).
6. Into Darkness (which I have the ruddy whole plot for, but somehow find it hard to write them happy then screw it up--instead of the other way around.)

*Grins* though, if anyone has any prompts (short fic wise or something of mine they'd like to see extended) I am SUCH a procrastinator ;)  

(I still have two Saul/Bill prompts from PS, an L/L from the weekend; plus maybe a Laura NC one from Epics, but hey - badly written fic is my forte ;)
Warning: please expect rambling and sentences which go off at a tangent... or don't end correctly - so a bit like my fic :D

I'm pretty tired this weekend after two nights of Halloween celebrations (I uploaded some pictures but then deleted them as I felt I looked awful from me not sleeping in 48* hours due to all the fun!  Vanity be cursed! XD ),  and due to said tiredness I'm not therefore in the frame of mind to write fic.  But, at the same time, I'm also looking for something to occupy myself after making my eyes tired reading some spooky M. R. James (I love classic horror/ghost stories).  

With this in mind, and thinking about [ profile] rose_griffes interesting post about tenses - something which I do experiment with to a greater or lesser degree (Always There and Sam Lied being two of mine which are languishing from the problems of making this style work in multi-chapter fic), as do I with first person (my fall back love as it's so much fun to 'be' the character - and if you're a K/LC shipper, watch out this week for some first person POV angsty naughtiness and a Leoben perspective as he removes the centurion inhibitors before the civil war), for I find these styles fun and personally not that much of hang up (except when trying to drag the present tense out over 10, 000 words *rolls eyes upwards*).  

My problem, as I've posted before, is my inability to be able to proof read typos and see awkward sentences until distancing myself for a few days/weeks/years (I was going to repost to LJ something for SPN from 2007 but luckily decided to re read it first after four years - I don't think there is a tomato redder than my face at this moment).  So, on this note, and if anyone is around to discuss, what's your biggest writing hang up?

* PS - actually in adding it up, 36.It felt so long, I'm adding hours :)
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